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Andover Mini Storage

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Starting from £20 per week +VAT
Quick and easy
6am – 9pm, 365 days/year

Self Storage Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I pay my storage rent online?
A: Yes, if you are an existing customer, you can pay your storage rent online here.

Q: Can we leave before the minimum 4 weeks?
A: yes, but you still have to pay for 4 weeks.

Q: Can we hire storage space for less than 4 weeks?
A: Yes, but minimum charge of 4 weeks will apply.

Q: How many times can we visit the storage containers?
A: As many times as you like, within the opening hours.

Q: Can we gain access to the storage containers outside the opening hours?
A: Unfortunately not.

Q: Do we HAVE to pay by bank transfer for payments after the initial payment?
A: Standing order is the preferred payment method.

Q: Is there any discount for more than 1 container, or for long term use?
A: Yes – 8 weeks rental discount for annual storage paid in advance.

Q: What happens if I lose a key?
A: You lose your deposit – but keep the lock & remaining key.

Q: What happens if I lose both keys?
A: You must pay a locksmith to let you in – and you lose your deposit.

Q: Are my goods insured?
A: Andover Mini Storage do not insure your goods, nor do we insist you insure them.

Q: Is the storgage site permanently staffed?
A: There is always someone on call during opening hours.

Q: Can I use the self storage units to run my business from?
A: No the units can only be used for STORAGE, not as a workshop.

Q: Can I use the storage unit as a “postal address “?
A: No, we cannot receive mail for unit tenants.

Q: Do the containerised units have electricity or water connected ?
A: No, there are no mains supplied, nor can they be connected.

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