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Condensation and damp proofed storage facilities

All our storage containers have a moisture absorbing compound on the inside of the container roof. It is guaranteed for 25 years and absorbs moisture from the air, ensuring your goods stay perfectly dry regardless of the weather outside.  We have been using this system since 2003 & have never had any problems with goods becoming damp & keep a “test unit” of our own that is frequently monitored.

However, it is imperative that the goods you put into your storage units are dry in the first place, the roofing compound will only deal with moisture in the air, it will not remove moisture from already damp materials.

Storage tips

Also, you should never wrap items (such as mattresses) in plastic, as any moisture in the mattress (there can be up to a pint in a used one) will be drawn out by the warming action of the plastic wrap & possibly create mould.

Dry and secure storage in Andover, Hampshire

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